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About SE Wholesale.

SE takes responsibility for the digitization of society, thereby strengthening growth and digitization in the Danish business community. SE Wholesale offers a range of infrastructure services based on our own fiber access and the backbone with products such as EoMPLS, MPLS VPN, internet and individual network solutions. SE Wholesale covers Southern Denmark and we are continuously expanding. SE Wholesale is an independent business unit located in Aarhus, Denmark.

Wholesale products

Wholesale Netværksløsninger

Wholesale Fiber Access

  • Suitable for secure data communication between several locations 
  • Full data speed scalability from 10/10 Mbit/s to 10/10 Gbit/s 
  • Transparent solution where you add your own end-customer services and CPE

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Wholesale Business Internet 

  • Turnkey internet product – ready for resale without investment in infrastructure 
  • Flexibility to grow with your customer – bandwidths from 25/25 Mbit/s to 1/1 Gbit/s and several service levels 
  • Industry leading fiber broadband prices

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Wholesale Netværksløsninger

Cell Tower Capacity and Housing

  • Low operating costs as compared to investing in own facilities 
  • Complete solution including fiber backhaul 
  • Well-placed masts in areas with high population density 

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Dark Fiber

  • Unlimited bandwith capacity - only your equipment sets the limit 
  • Internal inspection of protocols and services 
  • Flexible contract periods or IRU 

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  • High capacity at long distances in Denmark 
  • Easy to upgrade speeds 
  • Ideal for backbone circuits and connections going to data centers 

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Contact us 

SE Wholesale
Slet Parkvej 5-7
8310 Tranbjerg

Wholesale Director

Kristian Freiesleben
Cell phone: +45 2360 4009

Senior Key Account Manager

Henrik Andersen
Cell phone: +45 2051 5712